Monday, November 7, 2011

Table of Contents ~ Operation Illusive Unicorn

 Operation Illusive Unicorn; a non-event located at the end of the Wuss Ride. 500 motorcycle riders and liquid support vehicles destined to stain the underwear of history.
 There were open bars (this one courtesy of the Lowbrow crew!)
 Endurance Testing
The Mad Dog Movie Theatre
 Motorcycle Riding, foreigners welcome too! (Canadians need special permits I understand... not sure. Here one is being question upon admittance to the non-event. I believe he may have been turned away. Not positive tho...)
and Man Wrestlin'

Why in the hell would anyone want to "occupy" Slab City? That's a fucking joke. Tell you (or tell your) little kids a secret, occupy the high school classrooms is where "occupation" is needed, not wasting time fighting a brick wall wether or not that brick wall is moveable, it's still a brick wall. Learn to read instruction manuals, do simple mathematics, understand how to read "cancellation flyers". The Slab City Riot was cancelled and I'm glad it was fore it had ran it's course and it's purpose was fullfilled. Time to wipe, flush, stand up. Read the fine print, or just read the text on the flyer, you should have known this was a full-retard party about to happen and your petty "bitch moans" were merely distractions. Thank you for leaving them on the internet and not bringing them to the desert. And thank you to all the sponsors, non-vendors, and cats (for if I dare say "bro" it might be taken out of contents) who stood up, rode out, and cooked up some mighty tasty meals, drinks, and entertainment. A good time was had for sure! There'll be a lot of photographs coming, not only from me, but from several other websites, blogs, forums and magazines, so be sure to check around. I'll link you up when I can. I'll post up as many as I can over the next month or more, but there was just so much going on all the time in different camp/compounds that I'm sure I missed a lot too...

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motoguru. said...

I can only imagine how retarded Slab City would have gotten. Good to see y'all had a great time without all the keyboard jockeys!