Monday, November 28, 2011

With a Fart and a Fizzle...

 Well, not what I expected. But exactly what I should have expected. The "big night" turned into the big nothing of a boring-morning. In the end, 4 people got arrested for throwing sticks, originally reported; but media-hyped (somewhat) changed to a more impressive "throwing bamboo spears" at Police. Seriously? Yes. The 99%, it seems had a little cold shower shrinkage during the night and when everyone stood up to be counted, not even 200 protestors could be found. And, even more embarrassing, by the time the Police asked nicely, if everyone could get back onto the sidewalks, there was maybe 100 protestors left (it's been a long night aye guys? I, um, gotta go home and get a couple hours sleep before my shift starts at Aberchrombie...). Are you keeping score? 200+ Cops ready for a Riot. 100 or less Protestors. Don't really equal 99% v. 1% any way I size it up?
 I saw one female news reporter (on ABC 7 I think) talking about the dedication of the Occupy Movement Protestors and how they'd been camped out here on the lawn of City Hall for some six or seven weeks and she was all set to interview one guy. She walked up to him and opened with a leading question; "So, how long have you been here?" The dude answers, "Since 11pm last night..." What the hell??? Now, that's dedication to a cause. I think she expected him to say, since the beginning or for the last four weeks or something a little more impressive that, "since last night" what a whole 5 hours?
 Kinda like walking into a pet store. There's the owner (the assumed 1%) and the cage full of parakeets (the default 99%) singing and chirping away at an unrecognizable pace. Now, if just one (1) of those parakeets could make sense and say something other than cackle cackle chirp chirp tweet, like every other single bird in the cage. Then you'd have yourself a message. Until then, it's all annoying overlapping chirping and whistling. And, it's starting to smell funky around City Hall... and not in a good way.
As for the One Percenters... I've seen absolutely nothing to indicate they'll ever give a rats ass about you, today, tomorrow, or when you build a rocket ship and blast yourself off into space (p.s. we know that'll never ever happen anyway genius... ha ha ha).

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