Saturday, December 31, 2011

Appetite For Consumption

Rock in the New Year.
Gasser Lounge

From the email; "If the last couple of days are any indication of momentum, we'd have to say that we'll be blowing the roof of this place come saturday.  that's totally cool.  we just expect a few of you to show up sunday morning to help us pull a tarp over the building.
all the details are in the flyer above.  we've got super cheap drinks til 10pm.  after that we jack up the price and start playing house music.  not really, but you should come early if you want to grab a good seat.  and just a head's up- this IS a rock 'n roll party, but it wouldn't kill you to fancify yourself a little.  the staff is dolling up for your amusement so don't be afraid to join in the fun.  you can get a tie at Ross for $8, brah.
and before we kill all of your brain cells- put a couple of dates on your calendar.  january 2nd we're opening at 10am for Georgia v. Michigan State in the outback bowl and we'll be rocking all day showing all the games!  also we're putting together a big ol' throw down for super bowl so cancel your crappy little get together at your house.  we've had enough of your dog sniffing at our crotch while we're trying to admire the cheerleaders' new uniforms.  
so go ahead and rake all the rocks out of the front lawn because there's a good chance you'll be sleeping there this weekend.  let's party."

UPDATE: Everyone have a great time! Be safe tonight. Lot's of increased patrols along beach cities / Torrance, and a DUI Checkpoint on PCH and Emerald tonight in Redondo Beach. FYI.

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