Thursday, December 15, 2011

Behind The Scene's ~ Lady Hump

Behind The Scene ~ The Early Years of Lady Hump
It's hard to look backwards and define that one single moment in time and space when everything came together and culminated in what is now, the Lady Hump. One might look as far back as my grandparents, who started throwing swinging parties, passing out on the curbs surrounding our little suburia neiborhood cul de sac, and living "the life" lining the fence with empty bottles (way before recycling), building short wave radio towers higher than telephone poles in attempts to make first contact with Martians or hopefully, Plutonians, just to talk trash to them, or dropping clutches along main street U.S.A. as they drag raced with Police cars before things like that were "frowned upon." 

Today's Lady Hump HQ didn't start off as the silver spoon net cafe, where everyone is singing "Da roof, da roof, da roof is on Fire!"  one might expect to find under the sheets of this hipster "inner-space" electronic power-stroke paradise. We had humble beginnings just like every other Chopper God on the Wolrd Wide dWeeb. 
Little photographic evidence still remains, this was the time before digital camera and video, but we started while still in high school in the basement of our local "Church". These few images were donated by the local historical society (DFCS).
There we "hung out" (and I do mean "hung"), played capture the flag, practiced our martial arts (both Roundhouse Kicking and Bo Staff), fixed up mini tacos and a 100cc dirt bike abandoned by an older brother who was forced to ship off to military school in Arizona. I remember his cries to this day, "I swear, I was just holding that weed for a friend..." 

How original were we? Well, we pointed our finger and made fun of people before the "Cursor" was even invented mo'fo!
Me (with brain cast) with my good friend David G. He went on to play drums in some suck ass band and then guitar in another.

Once I had to wear a "brain cast" for several months during the 10th grade after I repeated 9th grade twice. This might have been the "age of exploration" where I would sit in class and have amnesic short circuit visions of space pirate battles and talk to imaginary and smoke cloud aminals who would squeak out the secrets of the universe while sitting on my desk during class lectures. My skateboarding drain injury was said to have no lasting bamage, but we all know you can't trust Doctors. Especially ones who feed your parents prescription medication like it candy in an ill conceived attempt to stop little "allen" from having those "terrible nightmares during the day." My parents never recovered from their prescription drug addiction. I on the other hand, have never done drugs.

(nice belt buckle)
Now beyond our juvinile state, the Lady Hump consisting of, on average, at least one sober member working full time at monitoring the internet for forgien blood worms and space pirates who right-click chopper hackers. We've established ourself as the foremost skin fold on the security sheath covering the web for Internet Chopper Hero's (copyright: Beer Booters). Fear not as you explore your limitations and find yourself on the journey to higher consciousness. 

We will guide you back to the light when your ready. We'll be there for you.

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YOU ...... are killimg me brother ....... Keep up the good work and hope to see you soon !