Tuesday, December 13, 2011

BEST ~ Camping Trip (13 of 20)

 April 2nd, 2011. The now defunct BEER BREED hosted what was my favorite overnight ride/camp trip of the year. Somewhere down south of the Anza Borrego Desert at the McCain Campground. Just a chill event, no drama, no problems (other than one dropped bike on the 11 miles of gravel off the beaten path), and just quality people for the love of the moto.

This same type of trip is happening all across America, groups of like minded motorcycle enthusiasts (read: motorcycle riders) are getting together and hitting the roads for places less traveled and that's what it's all about to some. Small groups of friends, blog-dates, and forum-munchers. Others need the Super Big Gulp testosterone of Sturgis; the one ride they never miss every year! I've saved my Viagra prescription all year for the Butt-chip Campground in Sturgis! .... let's get on the bus and go round up some brews on Main street! But, there area those out there who find solace in solitude amongst the gentle winds of time. Fucking poetry in lotion motion!
 I told this joke before; "Hey don't look now, but there's a cop next to you."
"Shhh... stop yelling. I said, there's a cop next to you."

 "Camping at McCain, camping at McCain. Don't drop your bike when you're camping at McCain!"
 Plus a Nun'Chuck demonstration by the Rev that blew my mind!
Craze said; "That sure is a loud vibrator you have in your tent."
Made some great friends, hope to see you soon!

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