Saturday, December 3, 2011

BEST ~ Der Love Fuhrer ~ The World No.1 Sportster Discovered in Sweden!!! (3 of 20)

 Originally posted back in June 2011, I knew from the start that this was something special.

Check that exhaust tip! Wholly Molly Mammoth Spikes! Hello Kitty stickies (always get's the chicks from round the bar I'm sure!), PINK UNICORN SOLDIER OF LOVE, Dig the rigid "looking" / seat set-up (not seen like that over here...), Chin-Scratcher Handle-Bars, politically correct helmet decal (and a chop cult'er to boot!),  So whad'ja win? .... A spot in my years end TOP 20 THIS IS IT!!! and some bad ass Street Cred with a double scoop of Respect! Thanks for the pictures Erik. They really show some style and class my man.

The ladies love Unicorns, this much is true.

But I think the dude loves the Kottbullar more.

Second Runner Up?
The Weed Steed

Throwin' some love to the Haint's Co-Op
Weed Steed

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