Saturday, December 10, 2011

BEST ~ Magazine (10 of 20)

We'll truth is I cancelled or let expire all my magazine subscription this last year. I haven't read a Cycle Source {link to last years BEST magazine} or Street Chopper or any other "regular" publication other than Show Class! and, they've only had 3 issues so far (with a complete cluster on some of the distribution of Issue #3)(correction, I just got issue #4 in the mail today and it' looks smokin'!). I haven't even bought any Dice this year? What's up with that? Shame on me. Been busy. Well, it's like this; I've got stacks of magazines in the garage, the bedroom, the living room, the bathroom, and even some in the Van. They're old issues, sure, but they've got pretty much the same ol' same ol' that I could find in any new issue. Im so sick and tired of reading what I call "the stroke" article when I open a magazine that I just cant spend the money on it any more. I'd rather read a book (most often not even a motorcycle related book, but something different).
"The Stroke" is like this, and tell me you haven't seen (read) this before in some manner; "What so and so share is a love for motorcycles ... the motor and frame came from a barn find ... with a little help from some friends we were able to pick up a something another ... something was scrounged and something else was found at a swap meet ... this bike was a real accomplishment ... something we've been planning for years ... the bike is just blowjob sexy ... so and so laid some flaked out paint and pin-stripes ... it all came together ... really? really? And it's not a motorcycle only formula. It's in every magazine you find on the rack (except porn obviously... duh).

Then there's the pictures. Or, rather, lack of pictures. Hell, I pick up a copy of one magazine and there's more pictures of people who work for the magazine in most issues than there are pictures of motorcycles. Name that magazine... I bet you can cause it ain't hard to do. I haven't bought that one in several years but it's still the same ol' same ol'. I hope it'll change but I realize it wont. It never does. Pictures ought to "Blow Me Away" as a reader! Pictures are worth a 1000 words, so there ought to be more pictures in your (any) motorcycle magazine than any diatribe or regurgitated vomit from some desk jockey. Put the specs in if you want but who really needs that? Do you really care if the front fender is stock or not? Do you really need to know who build the headlight, taillight, oil bag, pistons, ignition, etc. etc. etc. every part on the bike? Maybe you're interested in a "said" particular part, something you might want to put on your own build, yeah I get it. Is this a motorcycle magazine or a parts catalog? I don't need to know who made your brake calipers. "Well, some people appreciate that." Fine. They can rate your magaizine worlds greatest turd then, but not here.

So Show Class does win this years BEST MAGAZINE for the simple fact that they're young enough not to fall into the "generic" repetition of yet, another "new" issue that's exactly the same as the last which was exactly the same as the last which was exactly (guess it...) the same as the last! (even down to the advertisements.) Good Luck guys, I've dug the first (FOUR!!!) three issues and look forward to the next!

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