Monday, December 12, 2011

BEST ~ Motorcycle Jump Action Shot (12 of 20)

 Best action shot (above) at the Hell On Wheels (click link) rally. 
 Here's another one, but not as "classic" shot worthy with the guy in the shorts standing in the background.
 While were waxing the Hell On Wheels rally, gotta throw out some love for a great CHUG-A-LUG sponsored by Biltwell for the Beer Booters!
 ... and a great turn out for the Pin Up Girl Contest. 
Who's that sexy M.C. ?

You know HUBER? He's a popular dude throughout Southern California. I suspect he's even got his own fan-club. Proof? You want some? I got some. Check this out...
You can't fake that shit aye Huber?

(Yet another reason to always carry a camera... to make stupid jokes about people you (only) kinda' wish you knew.)

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Huber said...

HA! Fan club is going strong these days...