Sunday, December 4, 2011

BEST ~ Mustache (4 of 20)

 The big thing is for chicks to rock the fingerstash. It's as popular as belly button rings and piercings are so yesterday. Besides, most of them are fake.
 When dudes start wearing them, you know it's already over. Remember, a "dude" can grow one. And, btw, nice choker.
So the next level, brings it back home again. But, for this post were looking for the best mustache captured by the Lady Hump camera-lens.  

A lot of dudes are growing the upper lip stash these days. True. True. Here's several contenders.
Take a note; Louise here (about center) is the second runner up, but the winner...

Would probably be this guy... but he ain't rocking not stash. I can't seem to remember him every wearing  one either. Maybe he did.

So the winner is, once again, Shawn from Canada who taught me about the only three spices in Canada; salt, pepper, and ketchup. Brutal. He's traveled the world over, and he knows which leaves make the best toilet paper (cause there's a leaf on the Canadian flag... get it? it's not that good of a joke). He's had his bike stolen and his snowblower got stuck on his roof again. He got his bike back pretty quick when the local cops caught a guy tearing through a field (the cops were actually out hunting Moose in the patrol car, but since they found the guy with the stolen bike, they pretty much handled it).
 Whom I didn't even recognize without the beard.
~ Winner: Best Mustache ~ 
Canuck'n Shawn
"So my neighbor Doug is walking past my house with a case of beer.
I ask him, "Doug. What's the case of beer for?" He replies; "It's for my wife."
So I tell him, "Nice trade.""
"You know in Canada, a Double-Double is not a hamburger at In-N-Out. No, it's a coffee with two creams and two sugars."
Jesus, drink it black would you...
"Can you guess what a Four-By-Four is?"
Oh yeah, a pussy who can't drink black coffee...
"can I get some HOMO Milk for my coffee?"

(These weren't real conversation I had with Shawn, but they're how I would imagine them if I was a witty guy on the fly.)

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