Sunday, December 18, 2011

BEST OF 2011 ~ Back to the Greatness of the Gasser Lounge (18 of 20)

The Gasser Lounge
... is fooking wild!
 Every-nights a party and every party is not to be missed. Seriously, they throw the best parties you can imagine. Forget your watering hole (what are you a horse?) this is a rock-n-roll bar! No frills, high stakes, loud music, pure pandaemonium punk rock palace. Open your calendar, pick ANY holiday listed or unlisted and BE THERE. Simple math is all it takes (1) YOU plus (1) Going to the Gasser Lounge, equals like (8) Infinite Radness!

"Green or Amber, I just can't decide...."

Get's the Lady Humps "Hoy~O!" award every time. Thanks Mikey B. and crew for everything you all Rock!

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