Friday, December 16, 2011

BEST OF 2011 ~ Por Vida Wuss (16 of 20)

You may already be well versed in Wuss lore, but since it's my Top 20, I gotta throw some love to the Wuss Army. We had a blast putting together the Wuss Ride this year. Big thanks to Bro Kit for all his effort and driving me to extremes. There's really so many people to thank for making the Wuss Ride successful, even some people that had sticks up their eccentric asses over in Imperial County.

My little "thanks to everyone" movie slideshow from the Wuss Ride / (not) Slab City Riot 3, if you missed it the first time. I never put it up anywhere but on the Lady Hump (not on forum threads is what I'm saying) cause I was thinking about YOU, the Lady Hump viewer (reader if you actually take the time to read the words, most just look at the pictures, I know...)

Last two pics from Johnny No's Bars and Bikes. Thanks.

Will there be another Wuss Ride? We're already planning the next event. More on that as it solidifies. 
Go over now and join the Wuss Army so when the announcements are made, you'll be able to pick it up in your google reader (tech shit, get with it).

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