Saturday, December 17, 2011

BEST OF 2011 ~ What's Cooking in the Bean Pot? (17 of 20)

... Can you see me now?

Sorry if you're on an iPhone and have to scroll through this post. You ever read through all the events on the side bar "bean pot"? This year's (2011) has be sent to a trash bin so who'll remember all the fun we had (in Southern California)(for extensively, the most part) this year? There was a lot of stuff to do! More, for sure, that I never knew about or had time to add. So much is always going on, there's no reason you can't find something to do. If you're local and sitting home bored, it's your own fault. Get out, go for a ride. Make your own Bean Pot list for 2012 (I don't even know why it's called the bean pot. That would infer it's the same thing in abundance, when really it's more like a mixed jar of nuts, lots of different salty tasty stuff).

~ 2011 ~
Third Sunday's VVMC rides
Last Saturday's Santa Fe Importers Lunch
1st NeverReady's to Neptune's Net
2nd *** postponed ***
8th Easyrider abortionfest
9th new date St. Chppr., @ the Pike L.B.
9th Vintage Bike OC
15th Beerbreed campout
15th Love Cycles party, Pnx, AZ
22nd Dice Party in Duarte
23rd LB Swap
28th-30th Grand National Roadster
29th Gasser Lounge
5th 12:00 Beer Booters Bananza @ Classic Cycles
5th 7:00 Victory Electric Tattoo grand opening party
12th LaRouchentines2 @ Spikes!
13th Vintage Bike OC
17th Bordello Berlesque
26th Gasser Lounge
27th LB Swap
12th BornFree3 bike debut @ Garage Co. 3-8pm
13th Vintage Bike OC
17th St. Pat @ Gasser Lounge
26th Street Chopper LA Speedshop 12-6pm
26th Gasser Lounge 7pm-230am
27th LB Swap
2nd North Drinks with South 2
16th Hippy Killer
23rd Welcome Back JESUS! Gasser Lounge
24th LB Swap
29th Burlesque @ Club Monte Cristo
30th Gasser Lounge Bike Night
30th Cretins MC Los Angeles party
4th Biltwell open house party
5th-9th EL DIABLO RUN 2011
7th Born Free Bike Night cancelled
7th South Bay Customs Tesla Show
14th Nuggets overnighter
14th Born Free rescheduled bike night
21st Art of the Cycle, Long Beach
22nd LB Swap
22nd after swap BBQ in Orange
28th Gasser Lounge Bike Night
28th Alien Abduction Bash
12th Cretins L.A. swapmeet
15-18 Pancho Run in TEXAS!!!
19th Century Motorcycles Fathers Day ride hosted by Blue Collar Moto
24-25-26 GASSER LOUNGE 2 year Sophomore Hi-Jinx anniversary party!!!! Pool party on Sunday 12-7pm!!!
24th Two Wheel Terror 3 release at Cooks
25th Born Free 3
25th Dice after BF3 party at Cooks
25th Gasser Lounge Bike Night
26th LB Swap
30th Mini-bike Build Off / Tower Bar
2nd Beatnik Blowout
9th Mooneye's open house, SFSprings
9th after party Sportsman Lounge, La Mirada
13th El Cajon / Motorcycle Mayhem
17th Naked Girls Reading
23rd Dixie and Dice BBQ, LB
23rd Alex's Bar, Long Beach
24th Tiki Highway
24th LB Swap
28th Peepshow Burlesque
29th Redwood Bar, Black Tibetans
30th Gasser Lounge Bike Night
30 Street Chopper Release Party
30th SALT GHOST premier
6th Motorcycle Film Festival, Cretins Clubhouse
20th Beer Booters ~ Internet Chopper Hero Jamboree, Corona CA
21st VVMC Ride
25th Ute! Cretins party
26th Happy Hour at Biltwell
27th Gasser Lounge
27th Cretins Racing Benefit party
28th LB Swap
28th BA Moto BBQ The Pike/Alex's Bar
31st Beerbreed Wed Night Ride
3rd TriCo opening party
3rd-4th Ventura Nats
9-11th Rapid Run to the Kern River w/ Blue Collar Moto
10th DIXIE Long Beach
22nd something Douche in Los Angeles ?
25th LB Swap
8th Torrance High School car show
8th Mods v. Rockers
13, 14, 15 Las Vegas Shakedown
15th Douche Chopper Experience LV
16th VVMC Sunday RIde
22nd VVMC Rally ~ Venice, CA
23 LB Swap
4th & 5th ~ Slab City Riot 3 ~
12th Oil and Water Art Show/Ride
13th LB Swap
18th The Black Tibetans
26th Classic Cycles Inc Grand Re-opening party
4th LB Swap
10th Mooneye's Christmas Party
10th Street Chopper release Party
11th Hug The Coast Ride to David Mann
11th David Mann Chopperfest
16th 17th Gasser Lounge Holiday Throw-Down
16th South Bay Cycle Holiday Bash
16th Spikes Bar - Spark for Heart
17th Helldorado in Carlsbad
more, more, more, more, more...

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