Friday, December 2, 2011

BEST ~ Sportster Seat (2 of 20)

 I stole these two pics, but there's thousands of them on google image search (try: Sportster Solo Spring Seat). I'm not sure if this trend is over or not yet, but I'm tired of seeing Sportsters with springs seats. They're ugly and remind me of Jesse James bike(s). Tassel Cowboy Seats were in, now they're out. Hopefully these'll be out too. Tell me you don't bottom out on those little springs anyway?

... time to clean your bike up

~  The Biltwell Banana Seat ~
Not only is the name appropriate, but it's got that little added room for when fat asses like myself want to stretch my skinny jeans legs off my 86-03 mid pegs and scoot back a little. Blood circulation is good on long rides, it keeps you from having blood clots before you get to the party, step off the bike and drop dead on the sidewalk to be the laughing stock of the scene fool!
 Even their ads are "skinny"
Seriously, this seat fits the Sportster frame perfect but retains a solid amount of cushion for the pushin' dig it on the Biltwell (click link) here.

"Whatcha' got under the sheet Batman?"

"That's my "Bat~ster", a modified 2001 Harley Davidson XLH."

"Does it have a Biltwell Banana Seat?"

"Ummm... no Cat Woman it doesn't..."

"Then you can't pet my _______."

"Excuse me. I'm rolling a Biltwell Banana Cat~milf."

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Johnny Wolf said...

Preach Brother! I FUCKING hate spring seats on an XL frame. It blows my mind how ugly shit becomes trendy, WTF?!

My custom seat is as small as a bicycle seat, LOL!