Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Biker Tattoos; variety Hipsteranderthalerectus

I had the best idea for a tattoo once upon a time.
I thought about bulking up cause the bullies kept beating me up, but I knew a tattoo would do the trick instead.
Something that would say, "This is me." Nobody get's a tattoo that say's "Hey there. I'm a big Frosted Flake."
Almost nobody.

It has to show what's "In" yo' soul.
Or at least fluttering around it.
But honestly, some things I just don't get...

So what about "biker" tattoos? Well, you got about 4 primary choices; engines, Sailor Jerry pin-up girls, zig zag man and skulls. And a few second runner up choices; Eagles if you like stock bikes. Swazis if you like pissing people off. Unicorns if you like pissing people with Swazi's off, and Harley Davidson (stock) logos if you like pissing people with Unicorns off.

A tattoo can say "I'm Dangerous" better than words.

Gotta admit, the bear head is pretty cool.

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