Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Breaking Hump

 Season 1
Season 2

You might have missed it, but during the year I got the brillant (key word: ant) idea to do some "Breaking Hump" headers when one of my favorite shows (guess which one? It's not SOA... wha?) was premiering a new season, which due to work I still haven't seen (but I will DVD it). They didn't stay up long on the blog, but it was fun. Many a Lady Hump visitor's wife thought, "Now I know my husband is Gay..." when they came across them surfing my net. Man, the year is already over (at least almost) and we had a lot of fun (in our own mildly* retarded way) amusing ourselves. Like a Chimpanzee in a Zoo, if you gave him a computer with a WiFi connection and keg of Pale Ale) Thanks for joy riding with us! We're not finished yet, but we will be soon. Hope you had a good time this year, and have a fun Christmas while we're planning next years journey. And people say, "We try to hard" still others ethug and say "You shouldn't talk shit about people you don't know" so true, so true. But when public figures make fools of themselves publicly, it's hard not to laugh. If you got butt hurt on this blog, you took yourself too seriously to begin with. Fo' Real.

(* like Salsa)

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