Friday, December 9, 2011

Double Dipping ~ Blue Collar Moto video

Here's the skinny; I posted (double dip) this up over on the Blue Collar Moto {link) which, if you've been hiding under a rock or skateboarding over a parked Sportster for the last couple months, is back up and running full time by none other than the Blue Collar Moto himself. So, a while back (October 2010), Lucifer went out and filmed some of the SLO Ride that Blue Collar Moto organized and ran, and this is that lost footage which I was able to edit and throw up into a little ball of white lightning. Of course, you'll have to go to the bottom of the page and PUSH STOP on the music player to enjoy this video propertly, that, or watch it on YOU TUBE HERE. And you may notice, some of this route is the same we'll be taking on Sunday morning to the David Mann Chopperfest! ~ See you there, or see you out there.

... and for some reason, Germany has already blocked it? (but you may also be able to see it on Vimeo) Try LADY HUMP VIMEO {link}.

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