Monday, December 12, 2011

Gushing on Clean Sheets, but it ain't Cream...

 While everyone who walked passed stopped to take a look and a photo, of what I can only describe, as best I am able as an Easyride Abortionfest contestant ... but, let's be frank for a minute shall we?
a.) We're at the David Mann Chopperfest.
b.) This is a show for and about Choppers and as a tribute to David Mann
c.) This is (in my opinion) nothing close to, surrounding the fringes, on any cutting edge, or relating to the general feel of a (definition pending) "Chopper." Period correct or Space Odyssey 2099, made in honorage of or inspired by Battle Starbucks Monster Engery Drinkuniverse.
"Someone put a lot of money into those bikes."
Don't blame me.
"Man, you're being too hard. Those are concept bikes."
I'm not a PC so I can't appreceiate your Mac.
"It's not street legal, but neither are most Choppers...."
But... we ride them. This, has it ever made a run beyond the trailer to the gate?
Now it's true, there was a "radical design" catagory in the bike show. But howmany of you consider this "radical" or worthy of a "radical design"? You probably are of the class to have voted for Pauly Sr. Snowmobile as a radical design then.

(Not that I think this, but since we're on the topic of WTF?) I wonder if that might explain the NEW $5 motorcycle fee at the parking lot enterance or the raised by 33.3% percent Entrance Fee? WTF? Yep. Last year, and years prior the parking was FREE for motorcycles riding into the event general parking lot, and walk in was only $10. So, you could attend for the cost of gas to get you there and $10. to enter. This year, the price doubled; you still have to pay for your own gas to get there, but now your total cost is $20. Bike entry fee's raised $10 too, from $30 to $40.
Serious. FUCK THAT.

So what show instantly comes to your mind?
That's right: Born Free 4
Where the parking and entrance are what?
Say it with me...

 Now, example please, right behind these "things" was a real sweeet piece of classica motorcyclia. I thought for sure, one of these people trying to take pictures of the "things" would for sure stumble back and fall over this true beauty.
 Tell me you wouldn't pick this awesome survivor over those concepts?

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