Monday, December 19, 2011

Honorable Mention ~ Photographer you should be following

Forget your favorite blogs. Forget your forum's "best picture" threads (as if). There's one photographer I always appreciate who is dedicated to taking the most awesome bike pictures he can at (seemingly) as many motorcycle events as he can. His continual involvement in posting photos on flickr for the world to see is a generous gift to those who are able to appreciate it. I've asked him if I could use one of his photos (above) and direct people to his flickr stream. He graciously agreed.
I could have picked any of thousands of Sportster pictures he has, but this one, aside from being relatively recent, shows something most "Americans" can't comprehend (and it's not just this one photo that shows what I'm talking about, he's got tons of them that are packing it on just like this); the Art of getting Loaded. Loaded with camping gear that is! When was the last time you saw an American load a rigid Sportster like that? Hummm... never. (maybe it's a fashion fo pau? fo shizzle.)
Take a couple minutes and spend it in jaw dropping awe at this guys shutter work (click the link below)