Thursday, December 1, 2011

Let Me Introduce To You...

May I have your attention please. 
You are now entering the 2011 Best, Worst, and Ugliest Top 20 on the Lady Hump blogsphere. We'll be interrupting your regularly scheduled Sportster programing to bring you this years finest in Tom Foolery. If you've got skinny jeans on right now, like, you're wearing them sitting on a stool reading this blog post cause you are thee shit; Then you're the chump and the fatness is here to wring your watermelon Playboy! Together we're going to dissect the makings of todays modern motorcycle hipster and expose those dirty little fashion secrets you thought you could pass off as grandpas flannels from back in the day. Might I suggest, if you were indeed "born this way" that you seek professional help or consider hermitage as a viable alternative.

Let the games begin. On you mark, get set, ready....


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