Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Long Beach Cycle Swap pics

 More pictures from the LB Cycle Swap ~ December 2011. You know, one day, someone is going to get the "inspiration" to do these little flairs on their hood and spell out something like, "Eat Me" or something equally clever, and that's going to be the next instant-internet-everyones gotta copy it explosion... but since I'm a stick hermit, maybe it's already been done?

 Love a good stock Honda from a time when bikes looked liked accordions. I'd rather have one of these period correct pieces than a fleet vehicle from the Ultra Classic Conservatory.
(Get it? That was two musical references in a joke that bind the joke together... sometimes it's too much to absorb hu?)

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Brady Steffl said...

If you're going to write something on the hood of your truck, cut to the chase "BIG PENIS" would suffice.

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