Saturday, December 17, 2011

Middle East Conflicts and Biltwell Helmets, plus Hipsters take over the Occupy Movement

 Spotted a Bitwell (1st Gen.) Lid in, of all places, the middle east! Wow, you've seen the recent rebellions, uprisings, protests, rioting, civil war going on cross the middle east. This picture is straight outta Cario Egypt! Now that is some hardcore shit!!! The real deal, even if it is going to end up in a world of shit (no one told them it's not going to get any better... it's going to get worse. A lot worse.)
Original publication, The Philadelphia Trumpet. Good reads.
 And then let's not forget to "posers" over in the good Ol' U.S.A. where Hope and Change turned into nothing but a fresh stain on the undies; you know we're learned people over at the Lady Hump right? We read the Wall Street Journal and shit. Our edumacation is rampat. Check out this picture on the cover from Nov. 26th. It's clear shows hipsters have taken over the Occupy My Ass Movement.
How embarassing.
I read a good qoute; "The protestors on Wall Street should stay home and work on thier online Liberal Arts degree..." ha ha ha ha. No wonder you cant find a job. No purpose. No direction. No clue. No future. In ten years, I'll come by and feed you at the homeless shelter.
 Take note. Extra credit given if you can spot other "hipster" identifers in ths picture.
We're also requesting that if you have pictures of ANY hipster wearing any Harley Davidson official licensed merchandise, especially chain wallets, you send that in (see submissions above to the right), because we have some jokes lined up for those!

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