Friday, December 2, 2011

Riding a Knucklehead is NOW a Crime

On the cusp, once again, of participating in the latest hip trend of stretching out, reaching farther, and posting pictures of "fishing." For reasons, obscure, and not yet apparent but everyones doing it, so ~ so.
 (stolen and rollin')
Can't really decide which is better; pictures of fish caught or pictures of what I've cooked for dinner? They're both the latest greatest craze on the blog-o-shpere of doom.
I can't cook but coffee and pints, both refreshing beverages so I'll stick to what I know best.
What's the next latest greatest blog trends?
Hunting photos will replace Fishing photos, and subsequently (big word, I know...) Farming photos will replace Hunting. Farming replaced by Wood Carving, then on to Axe Throwing, then perhaps Knitting and Quilting Homemade Hemp Mexi-Blankets, then to making homemade Salsa, to spiced Jams and Jellies, to the eventual obligatory Lamaze Classes, which (with any luck) will then be replaced by, actual "Motorcycle" photos (but that's a long time coming... winter back east, you know?)
And you know all those pictures of people standing on their motorcycles while they're riding? Been done; Van Damme. Those will be replaced with people "break dancing" on their motorcycles while riding, even down to a little circular piece of linoleum attached to the top of their Biltwell Lid (available through the Lady Hump store for $109.98 and made in U.S.A.)
 And the Biker Community (it's not a committee, remember, there is not single leader amongst us) will target the latest "flash mob" against the true 1% elite "Knucklehead Choppers." Not to be confused with 1% clubs mind you. But, the mere fact that most (99%) of motorcycle riders can NOT afford a Knucklehead Chopper is a blatant bitch slap in the face to every motorcycle rider in this country!
So, we're somehow going to loosely organize against Knucklehead owners and somehow tax their motorcycles more than the rest... you'll pay! you'll pay! you bastards, every one of you!!!
Disclaimer: This post was in NO way sponsored by or endorsed by the Department of Motor Vehicles, Registration and Revenue Division or Governor Jerry "Ass Clown" Brown.

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Lady Hump said...

I love it when old posts get all the attention... thanks!