Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ten Fingers = Ten opportunities to be Hipper than Thou

1.) Mustache
2.) Sherlock Holmes Pipe
3.) Glass Pipe (for weed)
4.) Crack Pipe (for crack)
5.) Switch Blade Comb
6.) Buck Teeth
7.) Rolling Stone Tongue
8.) Green Booger Hanging
9.) Coke Spoon
10.) "I've had it up to here!"


Terry Whitehurst said...

I didnt even know this shit was something that was going on - WTF and WHY!
Next time were all together look for the dick drawing on my right hand index finger, yeh Ill be pointing down allot until lets say Jasmin walks by then Ill point towards the starz....Im also going to draw a pussy on my palm so I can wave to all the sportster riders going s-slowly by...

All3n said...

Ha ha ha ha ha, that's so funny.... hey. wait. a. minute. are you making fun of sportsters.... ? um, I think you are! WTF and WHY! ho ho ho ho ho he he he he he ha ha ha ha ha! Sex Bomb Baby Yeah! (obscure Flipper reference)