Thursday, December 1, 2011

Trash Talking My Bike?

I know a lot of you Hardcore Internet Keyboard Bikers have been trash talking my (compatible) 1942 WLA in my new movie. What gives with that? You think you know Harley Davidson history better than the Capt.? Well, I'll blast a cap in your ass! What's that? ...What army you ask? It's just me and this old lady, son.
I gave away a Sportster and did you even thank the Capt.? No.
My bike IS the very definition of Period Correct. Howard, take it away...
 "Hello folks. My name is Howard Stark, CEO of Stark Industries. I can tell you, the film viewer, that the justification for the bike you see in the Captain America movie can be explained in a few simple words. And those are; I'm a millionaire genius and I designed and built the 2010 Cross Bones motorcycle seen in this movie, back in 1942 under contract from the U.S. Government. Unfortunately, aside from the "experimental" prototype model used by Captain America, the plans were ultimately shelved and lay unnoticed until sometime in the late 1980's, final production some time after that. So screw you. I hope I've been able to clear the water on this matter for you, but if you need to hate on something, might I suggest that god awful Indian Jones movie with that horrible little t'wat Shia Labeouf riding a obviously faked 2007 softail springer designed to look like a first year panhead (p.s. I designed those too...)."

_ .... .. ...
_ _  _ _ _ _  ..._ .. .
... .._  _._. _._ . _..

(can you translate?)

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Terry Whitehurst said...

Actually this bike was an absolute failure for the military - just sayin!