Monday, December 19, 2011

The World is a big place, but what's going on out at Slab City?

 not a riot, that's fo shu... yet.
 Kat and his wife. So nice meeting you, I hope you got my package?
Thank you for your hospitality.

I love (hot) cops!

There was a article in the Los Angeles Times about Slab City. Seem's that there is some "going on's" out there with people unexpectidly dying and others on the edge. If you've ever been to a Slab City Riot, then you know the random beauty of the place for "our" type non-events, and the potential to exploit such by self or others. If you haven't been in tune; TAKE MINUTE TO READ IT HERE (click link).
You may be in line to witness the end of an "age."

From Joe Holiday: "...Also worth noting that Salvation Mountain does in fact need some sort of support. Leonard has been hospitalized, and his assistant, Kevin Eubank, passed away in his sleep about a week ago. I'll be one of the volunteers on restoration of the landmark, and I hope that other folks might want to help out. It would be great ...."

Anyone have any info??? post a comment or a link. Thanks for your interest. I can tell you I've had many a good times at this local.

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