Monday, October 31, 2011

Gave me a giggle

I got a giggle outta this, but the end(ings) are perfect.

(yeah, you have to go all the way down to the bottom of the page and stop my music player...)

Teen Spirit! ... i feel stupid and contagious

 Seriously, here's a definite runner up for a BEST costume category! Who doesn't remember Kurt Cobain right? ... who?
 She's over-board and self-assured. Oh No! I know a dirty word.
A mulato, an Albino. A mosquito, my Libido...

(It's almost as if your afraid to touch it? Just grab it dude!)

VVMC Riders and Bikes

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Besides needing new tires...

Almost ready... found a $5.00 Mustang seat at the Long Beach Cycle Swap (? say wha'?) from these guys; Sunrise Cycles LA which was beyond a fantastic deal! Everyones going slim and solo, and ebay prices suck, this one is exactly what I've been looking for. No show-biking choppa deity here, just a riding foo'. The only trophies I wanna bring home are the belly-flop kind, Yee!


 and their dancing sexy post-neanderthal babes!

FART BARF google it.

Stedman's Ironhead and a bunch more

 Alan's Ironhead. Looking good.
 Neat Fab.
Appreciate a good Jap Chop.

Newer Sportster.

"Hey. Did you happen to see any Hipsters around here?"

WANTED: This Bike, at the Slab City Riot 3

 I'm not sure what to expect, but if there's any UFO inspired bike I'd like to see cruising around the fire pit at the slabs after sun-down, it's this bike. I can only imagine the the lights alone reflecting off the mirrored (?) accessories (because I'm not really positive what's going on here) would be some kinda acid flashback trippiness to behold. I don't know the owner, I've never seen this SPORTSTER before, but it's got my interest and it's got my attention.

If this is your bike, you're personally invited to come (as is everyone else...) to the SLAB CITY RIOT 3 and rock that mirror-majesty.

If you've got some pictures of this thing cruising around after dark. I don't know about everyone else, but I'd like to see them.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

CARNEVIL at the Gasser Lounge (pt.3) and it was just day ONE of FIVE!!!

 BEST Male Costume of the night went to none other than, MIKEY B.! That's right, Lady Humps own (imitation of) Mikey B. I figured if I'm going to dress up yet again this year, it had better be in something original and the most super kick-ass thing the likes of the Gasser Lounge had ever seen. So I went with something they see everyday... albeit a fatter version! ha ha.

My take home prize! Santa Cruz Skateboard, thank you.

CARNEVIL at the Gasser Lounge (pt.2)

 Mikey B. of the Gasser Lounge at CARNEVIL

CARNEVIL at the Gasser Lounge (pt.1)

 Have you ever heard of a place going so incredibly overboard that it just rocks anything you'd expect or have seen before? The Gasser Lounge is hosting FIVE nights of HALLOWEEN. Starting (last night) October 28th through November 1st! The Carnage and Mayhem inside this building is pure Evil, pure CARN-EVIL!

Five Days of Costumes, Drinking, and Getting Your Death On!
... and yeah, LOTS more pictures coming. 
... and this was just night one of five. Oh boy.

VVMC Pin-UP Girl Contest pictures and group shots

Thanks again Lucifer!

Well keep on posting the motorcycle shots for the next few days, cause I took a-lot of them... yep.