Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Billy Club Daze Gone Bye

 The days of the Billy Clubs are gone in Los Angeles. The Mayor found out, all of a sudden(!), that there were "children" living on the lawn of City Hall, so he picked up the Bat Phone but no one answered.
This guy fell asleep on the steps of City Hall it took the cops so long to show up. Everyone had already burned through their Latte's and were starting to get hungry by the time the cops showed up for the party. Plus, they took the port-a-potties away a couple days before, so everyone had to hold it.
 Occupy L.A. did succeed in "keeping" jobs in Downtown (not considering all the revenue lost by local business over the last 8 weeks). The overtime for the cops and city sanitation workers has gotta be Gi-Normous. Notice the lack of any living grass? This entire place used to be green, now it's not. At least the guy who has to re-seed the lawn will have the first true "green" job in Los Angeles.
Anyone know how recyclable those vinyl tarps are? Cause they're going to the land fill. Probably filled with toxins and chlorides. Enough of this non-motorcycle crap already... Occupy Movement is and was an embarrassment that accomplished nothing but flushing money down the toilet (my taxes, yours too). In ten, twenty, thirty years, no one will remember this irrelevant event in the grand scheme of things. Example: what do you remember about Bill Clintons accomplishments? Monica Lewinsky
I think this guy was an extra from a Joel Schumacher movie, maybe. He probably just got off the bus in the wrong place, and you know; wrong place - wrong time story. Come back tomorrow for some real good and plenty!

few more from Classic Cycles party

Just a few more shots from the Classic Cycles party. 
Tomorrow the volume knob on the Stupidity Meter is going to spike TILT!

Sportsters at Classic Cycles

There were only a few Sportsters at the Classic Cycles party last Saturday, maybe being a Triumph place they didn't feel at home. But thanks to those few who did represent the Sportster by riding in. What was the bike most represented? Maybe inside the shop it was Triumphs, but outside it was Shovels all the way... who'd huv thunk?

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Looks like a big baby ready to cry? What gives?

Nearing Fruition.

BEST pic taken at Classic Cycles party

 How bout' that one? Not too shabby hu? luck of the click is all.
Most of the time, my pictures suck ass compared to real photogs out there so when I saw this, I got a little wood.

Nov. 27th 2011 ~ Classic Cycles party

Monday, November 28, 2011

With a Fart and a Fizzle...

 Well, not what I expected. But exactly what I should have expected. The "big night" turned into the big nothing of a boring-morning. In the end, 4 people got arrested for throwing sticks, originally reported; but media-hyped (somewhat) changed to a more impressive "throwing bamboo spears" at Police. Seriously? Yes. The 99%, it seems had a little cold shower shrinkage during the night and when everyone stood up to be counted, not even 200 protestors could be found. And, even more embarrassing, by the time the Police asked nicely, if everyone could get back onto the sidewalks, there was maybe 100 protestors left (it's been a long night aye guys? I, um, gotta go home and get a couple hours sleep before my shift starts at Aberchrombie...). Are you keeping score? 200+ Cops ready for a Riot. 100 or less Protestors. Don't really equal 99% v. 1% any way I size it up?
 I saw one female news reporter (on ABC 7 I think) talking about the dedication of the Occupy Movement Protestors and how they'd been camped out here on the lawn of City Hall for some six or seven weeks and she was all set to interview one guy. She walked up to him and opened with a leading question; "So, how long have you been here?" The dude answers, "Since 11pm last night..." What the hell??? Now, that's dedication to a cause. I think she expected him to say, since the beginning or for the last four weeks or something a little more impressive that, "since last night" what a whole 5 hours?
 Kinda like walking into a pet store. There's the owner (the assumed 1%) and the cage full of parakeets (the default 99%) singing and chirping away at an unrecognizable pace. Now, if just one (1) of those parakeets could make sense and say something other than cackle cackle chirp chirp tweet, like every other single bird in the cage. Then you'd have yourself a message. Until then, it's all annoying overlapping chirping and whistling. And, it's starting to smell funky around City Hall... and not in a good way.
As for the One Percenters... I've seen absolutely nothing to indicate they'll ever give a rats ass about you, today, tomorrow, or when you build a rocket ship and blast yourself off into space (p.s. we know that'll never ever happen anyway genius... ha ha ha).

Thought these Bars looked pretty good


A couple more comments on the matter

"...sad to see how many people are commenting here that people should just lick their wounds and bend over for the cops to do as they wish. What a sad thing to think some of you are so weak and self-centered that you are willing to give up your freedom so easily while pretending to be "free" Americans.
Yeah, you're probably right. You should jump when the man tells you to so you can go camping without a hassle. It's easy to see who the establishment lackey's are when things get uncomfortable."

Posts like the one above are hilarious to read for me at this time, knowing what a fantastic time we had...  ba'foon.

 "Fucking pussy, going to let a few cops stop you what kinda bikers are you?"

"Yes, either that or lead a thousand of our friends into a trap of dozens of law enforcement officers where some of them will most likley get there bikes impounded for no real good reason."

 "Hum? Shut down the bikers... but let the IDIOT Socialist break the law & camp out on Wall Street and across America. What a Crock-O-Shit!"

Yep. That's about the state of things in the country. I'm sure it's only going to get stupider as time goes on. I have visions of Idiocracy (the movie) become the reality.
You've had the chance to see a pretty good selection of the photographs I took at the Slab City Riot 3 alternative event; Operation Illusive Unicorn. Hope you enjoyed them, I have some more, but enough is enough for now. 

I talked to a few people over at Slab City the following week as we just fooled around back and forth, they're pretty bummed to say the least over the cancelled event. They do however talk about the "Man's" plans that were in place to close the event, had hundreds of bikers started rolling through Niland. There was some individual(s) bitching over little things too, the artwork was offensive to someone? (Cause titties ain't natural, especially at Slab City...? I don't know). Niland business owners suffered the most with revenue losses they'll not make up any time soon. Unfortunately, I doubt anyone'll give a poop over the "little guys" (read: small shop owners) voices, that's big city bureaucracy on the small town scale. Next time, we'll arrive in mass without warning I suspect. I suspect as much.... I really really do.

Time to prepare yourself for the upcoming BEST of Lady Hump for the first 20 days of December. I've been considering what to do with the blog for next year, and I have some pretty good ideas but the one that comes to mind most often involves tea bagging YOUR bike.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Not sure what's going to happen tonight in Los Angeles, but something is... there might be a RIOT ???

 Let's review; what have you accomplished? Since you're the "99 percent", I would expect a lot. a whole bunch really since your numbers are so HUGE!
a.) You got Los Angeles Mayor Villaraigosa to side with you, but still serve an eviction notice on you.
(and really, having him siding with you might actually be a negative...)
b.) Wall Street went on with business as usual
c.) Banks are still open for business
d.) The Holiday shopping season started with a positive spending increase over last year (read: more people buying more corporate products)
e.) Cory Smoot died and no one noticed (shame on you all!)
f.) the press had something to talk about for a couple weeks
g.) You confused most of America with a ideology few (less than 1% {pun}) can understand.
"I think I liked Hollywoods version better. Beside Keanu Reeves is so cute.."
 ... I don't think that was Keanu Reeves, I think it was Tom Cruise?
"What movie are you talking about?"
I don't  know, what movie are you talking about?
"It doesn't matter, there was no script to follow anyway..."
We're still talking about a movie right?
"No. I'm talking about the Occupy movement."
 Glee this is stupid.
 Wait a minute! We've got a problem in frame. Can someone explain to me why we're against bankers, but this guy is eating a Bagel? I wan't the Green Police on set now!
btw; we can't recycle styrofoam.
... or what if they're both?
"That would be... like incredible."

Don't get your panties in a bind. You came to the Lady Hump blog, what did you expect to find here?
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CLASSIC CYCLES new location Grand Reopening Party

 Between working and sleeping I made the stop to the grand re-opening party at Classic Cycles located in Orange, CA. love to walk through shops like this, good stuff everywhere to shot.

a little love hanging on the wall.

COAST on the Operation: Illusive Unicorn

Again, you've seen these pics in the Wuss Ride video/slideshow, but thought you'd still dig seen'm here too. Operation Illusive Unicorn was a blast and I haven't talked to anyone yet (who came) that didn't have a most excellent time! Thanks again, everybody.

Be sure to visit the COAST BLOG for some great pictures and videos.