Monday, December 31, 2012

Andy's Ugly Ass Shovel

 Andy sent us a couple pictures for the Lady Hump to fume in jealousy over during his down time. This is his "ugly ass shovel" and his Weekend Rider Starter Kit.
Thanks Andy!
I don't know about ugly assed, but I'd ride that show as is to the local holes and see how the chicks flock of a man of Sons fame! Is that shirt on backwards? Come to think of it, if there's one thing you want is attention for your blog, book store, herbal enema clinic, etc., all you really gotta do is sport some Sons of Anarchy official Gear and the pople are gonna mob you. I'm thinking Lady Hump should take that Grim Reaper Logo and work some majik with it (the potential is oi' limit'mess!)

Happy New Year from Throw It Up (the Lady Hump ongoing Contest)

 Dem boys in Oregon sure enough know how to throw a party! Here's thanks to Steffan and the Zombie Performance crew for breaking outta the old year with a gang sign and a slice of beef cake.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The conspiracy of a local Doomsday Cult ...???

 Some of you might have read this intriguing article in today's headlines...?


Anna Coxs. 12/23/12 4:15 pm. Today's Headlines. Dec. 21, 2012, is over and if you’re reading this, you already are aware the world has not yet ended... I know, what a bummer. Certainly it’s chilly outside, but we survived (or did we?), there’s still Christmas shopping and wrapping to be done. If this were a movie, we could call it "Mayans; Not the experts we thought they were at Math"

In short, it was the worst Armageddon, ever — well, except when the real one comes. That will probably would be worse. With or without "Taco Tuesdays."

But (alas) there were no hostile alien attacks, nor was there a sudden sudden spike in UFO sightings or people running naked through the streets. There were no new wars or rumors of war, no Earthquakes, no Avalanches, no Tsunamis, no Four Horsemen of the apocalyptic sort (not even One Horseman showed) as some biblical eschatologists or those even the stark raving mad homeless might predict. Also missing: Giant Asteroids, Ninja Turtle attacks, or planets on an interstellar collision course with Earth.

In fact, the most imminent threats we face today appear to be the regularity of impending snarl of snail traffic on the 405 and low surf at our beaches. The agony of low swells for the local surf community is more than most are able to handle.

Yes, as a Doomsday, Friday was an apocalyptic fail, as it were, particularly for those who believed the predictions that the day’s date, which marks the end of Baktun, a 5,125-day cycle on the Mayan calendar, also signaled the end of the world. The idea seemed to entrench itself in areas scattered around the world.

One such local area; The Gasser Lounge in Redondo Beach, most famous for it's $2 Tuesdays, mixed drinks and their reputation as the "Only True Rock n' Roll Bar" in the South Bay, promoted an End of the World party on Friday 12/21/12 with the concerning theme of a Madam "Lady Hump" Destroyer (if my translations of their cryptic advertisements are correct?) The creators and hosts of this party are now seemingly nowhere to be found. Repeated phone calls and emails went unanswered. Several calls to the local authorities on Friday night were reported. At least one missing persons report has since been filed. It's as if they've vanished from the face of the earth, or at least this interviewers attempt at obtaining a statement concerning the failure of any Doomsday to actually transpire... the proof of a local underground Doomsday Cult connection; a deflated and smashed pinata found in the trash outside the bar painted like the Earth. Was this Planetary Voodoo Doll used in a vain attempt to initiate some mythological planetary destruction? One can only wonder what the true intentions of this local cult in our own backyard may be?

Easy Readers News is the largest news and information site dedicated to covering Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach. With nearly 1,000,000 visits per year, Easy Reader News has one of the most engaged online communities in the area.

Friday, December 21, 2012

OMFG!!! ( Goodbye )

What else can I say, but "Thank you" for patronising, patronizing, visiting and hating the Lady Hump for the past 4 years. I'll be signing off now just in case there's any surge flash back from the End of the World? I wouldn't wanna get zapped into the computer or anything fink freaky. I hope you enjoyed your stay as much as I did having you here with me for the ride... The Worlds going to End in about 60 seconds (from this post) so hold on tight! If you're viewing this after the fact, it's probably just a ghost image of your past life. Ignore the sense that you're still alive. Go home Ghost, you are drunk.

... I'm pretty sure this is the real deal ...

... almost sure ....

... still waiting

... and "poof."

The End.

"Well... that was a waste of time."


This is it Ladies and Gentlemen, the End of the World ...
By this time tomorrow, the internet will have crashed, electricity worldwide will fail, all water on earth will evaporate, fire will consume all living beings and generally, things from there will be bad to worse... beer will taste flat, pizza will be to hot to eat, twinkies will close their production factories, girls will leave the kitchen and all men will starve, etc. and so on... and this blog will cease posting. It's been fun, thank you!

But there's still time tonight. Come and spend it with the Lady Hump.

6:00 PM meet time (probably leave at 7PM so hustle down...) and be Topped Off.

Duck Duck Goose ...

Photography from the Father of Lady Hump

Dad knew what was cool before Unicorns.... say it ain't so? ... and you'd be wrong.

One more shot that's never seen the graces of the internet of any magazine before now. Thanks Dad! I love you. And, where the hell were we going in April of 1982? Now, that's the mystery.

QQQ::: Anyone ever seen this bike before ???

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Have you been Entertained ?

Year To Date posts: 1000

Here's Thanks to You for checking us out! Too bad the world ends tomorrow...


 What can I say that hasn't already been said here on the Lady Hump about HAZZARD COUNTY?
 I'll give you a little back ground story perhaps?
The Gasser Lounge started hosting monthly bike nights, which brought out a good number of locals. Then the call came to step it up a notch. I (Lady Hump) volunteered that instead of monthly bike nights, we started rides that would start from the bar and run to other events, much like our "Wuss Army" did with the Slab City Riots and Operation Elusive Unicorn, but more often and always starting from the bar. Well, this grew our ranks even more! One thing let to another, two years into throwing our own rides, events, and hell' fun parties surrounding almost every holiday of the year, and having booths at the bigger chopper shows... We find ourselves in the mood to go on a camping trip and want to envite all our friends! To get away from it all, so to speak, but to bring it with us also...

When was the last time you went on a camping trip and they built an actual bar on location? Not likely me thinks. We wanted everyone at the ESCAPE TO HAZZARD COUNTY to feel like they were at the bar! The advance ticket price you paid ($42.) to come on out, entitled you to FREE drinks all night long, as much as you could drink from 10 kegs! Seriously, count them. Throw on top of that Sailor Jerry throwing down EVERYONE in attendance a free bottle of Sailor Jerry's Spiced Rum and bottles flowing around the campfire, and you've got yourself the value you've already paid for the trip, right? In addition, you got a goodie bag full of stickers and buttons, raffle tickets and free drink coupons for the next time you made it to the Gasser Lounge (I know, if you missed this one, you're probably tired of reading by now...), but you also got a free event shirt (awesome) and then there was the food...

Sailor Jerry had a grill master on site and made lunch for eveyone as they rolled up form all points north or south.

Motorcycle camping trips are rare these days, but we're conveinced they're the best kind of events there are! Parties and Grand Opening, Swap Meets and Chopperfests are "ok", but Motorcycle Camping Trips are way above the rest... say it ain't so?
 There was LIVE music by THE CURLY WOLF
And how many time in the past have you seen live music shut down because of the "no amplified music" rule, that would only be selectively enforced by LEO's? Well, this is Hazzard County, so what better than to have rocking blue grass band jamming tunes (and have them play throughout the night).
 So back to the food? The last time you went somewhere, they served cold hot dogs and burgers as the main course right? I mean, really how can you feed 100 beer swiggin' bikers from a BBQ at a single time and expect everyone to be satisfied with their cold burned burger? You cant. We had that super nova big-bang spark of pure genius during the planning stages of Escape to Hazzard County, and we asked Lady Hump's own Lady Alizon if she could make a Chili (all you can eat) Dinner for 100 people and have enough to feed everyone seconds or thirds if they so desired! She laughed and said, "Of course!" and so it was. poof "creation" just occured before your very eyes!


 Let's not forget, the one thing we had looming over our heads on this trip was the weather. People were concerned that the forcast called for rain... but this was a rian or shine event, so we werent' so concered. We had a truck load of pop-ups in the event it was to rain and about 200 feet of plastic tarp to cover anything that needed to be covered. Proper preparation people. This was going to be a sucessful camping trip with or without rain, but alas, rain it did not. 

Hazzard County Sponsors who donated to the raffle prizes were awesome. The CO ED DAISY DUKE Contest brought out half a dozen contestants trying to win the Biltwell Inc. helmet painted by Wuss Army "Kit" Grand Prize. Brianna took that puppy home with an awesome "splits" display, and keep in mind it was in the low 40's during this contest! So yeah, there was some desire present there to win. Thanks again to all the Raffle Sponsors and the Contestants!

 The rest they say is History.... and there was plenty more to say and even more I forgot, but for those of you who were there, thank you!

 (these two pics by Nikki)

If you want to see more Hazzard County pictures (search back throught the month of November 2012 in the Lady Hump archives and you'll find plenty of pictures)

There's a movie in the works. Premier Party at the Gasser Lounge January 19th 2013.

And people ask; "Will there be another Hazzard County?" All I can say, there's plans in the works to Return to Hazzard County although Hazzard County itself (Twilight Zone style) is MOVING...

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

David Mann (that's about it for our photo coverage this year...)

 One last look at Atom Rotten's Locke Nessy before the End of the World. From the David Mann Chopperfest, Dec. 9th 2012.

CRFyou teaser

Chewbacca (announced in new Star Wars VII role!)

 and a few more random shots from the grass (vendor) areas

Dolphin Tails

... and one more Sportster for good measure!

Let's Get This Party Started

You should already know it's coming ...


Welcome Back Jesus Party!!!
(and if you missed it in 2012, that's alright, cause it'll be back again on March 30th 2013)
How does this make #2 you ask? Well, the fact that Mikey B., takes his events and parties to the next level, continuously, all year long, and is a spot-on dopple-ganger for Jesus Chirst, makes the Gasser Lounge the only place you need to be for Easters greatest treat!

There's also VIDEO from this party at the end of the RISE ABOVE RIDE video ...

Lady Hump is proud to present, the RISE ABOVE LOS ANGELES full length feature from April 7th, 2012. The moto ride form the Gasser Lounge in Redondo Beach, to the top of Mount Wilson and back again for the Welcome Back Jesus party at the Gasser! When else have you seen an action packed, moto riding zaniness, adventure featuring both JESUS and LUCIFER? Not since Old Testament Times have these two partied together like this!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Chanukah Hot Tub Action, Right There!

 It's the Chanukah Hot Tub!!!
 From the Gasser Lounge, Fun Old Fashioned Family Christmas Party
Dec. 15th 2012
What's so Christmas about Chanukah? Everything!!!
 Snowing in Redondo Beach? Yes. 
Actually, it's "Snaoming" (a scientic oddity, a combination of snow and foam, present only around said beach cities.. very hard to learn science stuff.)

(Stole this last picture from Nikki, thanks!)

#3 BEST of 2012 ( Lucifer Is My Homeboy )

If you know Lucifer, you know he's always taking pictures and sending them in to Lady Hump HQ for posting. Dudes been dedicated to filling the Hump with pictures for going on 3 years now, and we support him! When he crashed last April, we threw down a ride and fundraiser to get him propped back up in a sitting position, and eventually a standing position... If you haven't bought a Lucifer shirt yet (?) and I'm not sure why, at this point in the game you haven't, but you should... the End of the World is soon enough? Arn't you going to need one when you get where you're going??? Hummm.... something to ponder. Something to ponder.

Here's my favorite Luficer photograph of 2012

BEST PHOTO on the Lady Hump for 2012
by Lucifer

(this guy...)