Sunday, January 8, 2012

ABORTIONFEST Returns to the L.A. Convention Center!!!

 No it doesn't. Abortionfest 2012 moved to the Anaheim Convention Center located next to the happiest place on earth, Disneyland! And what a better venue than next to Mikey Mouse and Goofey, than to display the most God Awful' Bikes the like of which the World has Never Seen Before (unless they've watched countless reruns of American Chopper, than they've seen this stuff every episode.) It's 2012 people, who in their right mind is making and selling "fat tire" motorcycles? I don't know ... nobody does!~
 It's a mystery. If by, your definition of a "mystery" is a like when you kinda miss where you're walking and step into a pile of dog poop, then it's on your shoe, and you can rub it on the grass. But it ain't coming off. Everyone's looking at you wipe your foot back and forth on their lawn and they think you're one of the short bus special kids in the neighborhood. And, let's face it, you are. So, yeah. It's a mystery.
"Do you smell that?"
"I don't smell anything."
"No. It smells like shit."
 The crowd was HEAVY! There was hardly an open seat in the Convention Center! Droves and droves of people plunking down $12 bike (or auto, no difference) parking, $20.00 entrance fee, and the steal of the deal, the $5.00 Event "Rider" Pin. I bought two (just in case I lost one, I want everyone to know "I rode mine!") I had a little trouble finding the SOA clothing booth, I needed to pick up some new threads for the upcoming season wardrobe stylings... everyone was wearing their support shirts, so I wanted to join in the rank and file and conform with the masses.
 "Oi. What's up with that Boy'o?"
Are you kidding me? This is the autograph line for Chibs and Lyla? Why are they wearing clothing? I thought they were going to "go nude" for this show? Anyway, the line was about 200 deep. So I cut to the end and snuck in through the cops, up the stairs, planted a pucker on Lyla and yanked Chibs beard. So sweet. I barely even felt the tazers.

More later. The good part of this show. Besides leaving. But, the one good "redeeming" part of this show was the DOUCHE LAROUCHE ~ UNDER THE SEA DISPLAY. More pics and some video on that coming up. Respect to the Douche.

And for the sake of the "uninformed" searcher who's google surfing words like "Easyrider" and "Biker" and "Anaheim Convention Center" to see pictures of this event; it's true name was Bike Show 2012, Easyrider Events. Because, after all, everyone get's tired at some point of searching for porn. I'm sure they can appreciate a mild sense of humor in their "born to be wild" and "ride to live, live to ride" lives.


Johnny No said...

How could you ??????

Chris/Blue Collar Moto said...

Hahaha, good stuff! I was gonna take a bunch of pix for the JJ post "Ugly Bikes" but didn't want to look at them long enough for the camera to focus.