Saturday, January 28, 2012

Almost there... almost there.... "Luke. Use your Camera."

~ Countdown to February's Blogosphere Challenge ~

We're now 4 short days from the start of a commitment by this blog, and others willing to step up and take the challenge to post only original content for the entire month of February 2012.

 That means no re-posting vintage pictures from the 70's unless you (or your Dad?) took them. No stealing pics and cropping out watermarks. No right click romance for the sake of bubble butts and sweet sweet puffy nips. Sure you can post those if you took them, and we encourage it! Pick up the camera. Point the camera. Shoot pictures.
 Right up top, on the right side of this blog, we'll be showcasing any blog that joins the commitment and pledges over the sanctity of the "Internet Mother Server(s)" to abstain from the deep seeded trend of stealing other peoples work. Sure, when the month is over, go ahead and fall back off the wagon, or stay on it? Who's to say. But for February, we're going "original." And, that in itself, is a concept most have forgotten. When I see my own stuff stolen on Facebook, I know it's time to light a fire.
 Oh Snap~ I just found the greatest shot of some ladies boobies!,  "I just found the funniest "fail" picture ever! No I mean it..." I got this great cartoon in my email... I stole this off Facebook... Did you see this commercial, it's hilarious! "I just stole this off the Jockey Journal... and the Chop Cult in a duplicate post!" Holy shit, I'm tired of seeing the same thing everywhere I go... Get out on your bike and shoot some film. Pixilate your friends. Master your Stalking techniques. 
 I'm not promoting this Challenge on any forums. If you're a Lady Hump reader or casual back booth visitor (I know who you are by the way), this Challenge is Open To You! Charge up your batteries and get outta the house. "It's been snowing outside for the last month." Head on down to the local watering hole on Friday Night when the college girls let loose. Head on down to the local motorcycle shop and just talk to the owner or mechanics, talk to people. Real people. Not 53 year old perv's pretending to be 16 and a half year old girls interested in meeting new and interesting mature people. Interview sub-interesting people over sub-interesting topics.
"There's just nothing going on this month in my town."
Then make something go on.
Invite the gang over for cucumber sandwhiches and pink whine coolers (again).

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