Thursday, January 12, 2012

Apocalypse Vans ~ Shaggin' Waggon Mobile Fall Out Shelters

 Like I said, Vans are OUT unless they're prepared to survive the coming nuclear end of the world, every chick on the planet is bald (top and bottom), and unless you can carry your own mobile-still ~ you ain't never gettin' your drink on again. Forget your "blunt", farming is over, you'll never be able to light up again. You might, and I stress "might" find some mushrooms if you're lucky. Forget the grocery store or Quick-e-mart cause theres probably less that a couple hundred thousand people left living. You gotta do two things; 1.) Brew for Yourself and 2.) Keep it Moving.
 What the hell has this got to do with motorcycles? About as much as any "motorcycle" or "Biker" blog the same that keeps on keepin' on the pictures of 70's Shag Cages (aka Mobile Crime Scenes). At least I'm thinking past the "cool" factor where it's all "hip" to have a Van cause theirs some uncomfortable mini-couches in the back and you get a babe back there, you gotta keep the motor running cause the only chance you're going to have of "makin" it with her is if the fumes from the exhaust take her out before she comes to her senses and boogies.
So I'm thinking, what the hell are we going to do when the end arrives on December 21st later this year? I wanna keep my bike, but I also don't wanna get hit over the head by some radiation mongoloid when I'm tarppin' it next to the freeway? So, I'm going to need a mobile stash spot. The easiest biker protection mobile command center would be just to roll out with a Armored Car (the kind they use to pick up money around town. Remember, money won't mean anything after the end of the world...), but I gotta think beyond just the bikes and spare parts. I'll need living quarters, a still, a place to hold barrels for beer fermentation, a large gasoline carrying capacity and more of the same for the ladies we resuce from damnation and the Bro's who'll enevitably invite themselves to tag along. Plus we'll need guns and ammo. Lot's of it to ward of the hoards of glowing zombies. Never thought of all this at once hu? Better start making your plans now!

Here's a pic Blue Collar Moto snatched of us rolling outta' Curves where we were "Sweatin' to the Oldies!" That's right, we're all trying to slim down these day. A Sportster can only pull so much lard around all day. Well, the secrets out I guess.

and some Smart Ass among you sent me this picture
Let me say it again, the World is Going To END on December 21st., 2012
I saw it on T.V. for Pete's Sake?

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G said...

lovin your crazyness A ! send some stuuf that you'r smokin over here too please hahahaha