Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Big In Japan ... Slab City Riot 4, not exactly...

Didn't expect to find a 6 page spread on the Slab City Riot 4 (?), which technically was to be the Slab City Riot 3, but turned into the event better known as the Operation Illusive Unicorn (which also then came to be known as Operation Elusive Unicorn... to much information, I know.) But, considering Douche Larouche was there, I should have expected better things. And I found out why the mag was shrink wrapped. It contained two (2) calendars for 2012 with some awesome photography. 
Wow. This guy (whomever the photographer was) took pictures of a lot of people. Great job. Cheers to Hot Bike Japan.
 Never Readys
 Look, some bonehead working on a Sportster? Whadda' tool.
As if I'd ever need to work on it?
 Zombie Performance rocking the Unicorn Knitty
 Kit rocking the Wuss Ride t-shirt for the Slab City Riot 3 that never happened.
Oh yeah, there's a ton of pictures in this mag (duh?). If you're a Sportster fan, you won't be disapointed.

Tomorrow the "February Blogoshpere Challenge" starts right here (and across the web on blogs that have joined up! Looking forward to a month of great postings.) I'm packing the new Canon S100 in my pistol holster. We're riding to Arizona for the Love Cycles show, leaving at 7am Saturday. Larouchentines on the 10th. And we might be riding to San Diego on the 11th, TBD (?), and there's the NOT TO BE MISSED Johnny Cash Birthday Bash on the 25th at the Gasser Lounge!
you wanna get in on any of this, email me HERE.

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