Sunday, January 8, 2012

Biltwell Garage Sale

 Saturday was a long day. Started at the Biltwell Garage Sale in Murrieta at the new HQ. Doubt they made any payolla but I'll be they cleaned out their storage space. Pick up some really great $1 deals from Bills "Magic Milk Create." and some other goodies. Prices were ridiculously low low low....
 Good turnout in the morning (mostly cause it was something to do "other" than what we ended up doing anyway which most people had no intention of doing. More photos on that later.)

 Picked up, yet another, new(er)(used) seat for the Shovelhead. Just couldn't pass it up for the price.
Go Nuts!

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G said...

hey A, really diggin that shovel with the golden tank...more pics of that one please ? G via