Monday, January 30, 2012

Cars or something? Doesn't GNRS mean Guns N' Roses???

So here's the deal. I remember, slightly, going to the GNRS (not to be confused with GNR, which instantly comes to mind. Sweet Child o' Mine) ... anyway, last year. There was some pretty cool stuff there last year. This year, was everything else plus some Denver's Cycles. Not that this stuff ain't cool, it kinda is. It's hard enough for me to accept Vans, let alone all these Rat Rods (?)(I don't know what you call them. Rather, I don't know what you'd "like" to call them. Or, rather, I don't know what you'd like to call them "today"....) So, in the next few days, I'll do my best to honor the Denver's greatness and some other pretty interesting stuff, but I really didn't even take as many pictures as I usually do. Some entire buildings I walked through without a single picture. Just not my ball of wax. Pin-striping, yeah ok. Metal flake, pretty sweet. There was a huge train diorama just beyond the show that was open, that I took an instant liking too and might have actually missed some of the show hall exhibits?
"Choo, Choo!!!"

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