Saturday, January 14, 2012

Considering a Prism Tank? Me 2

Dress it up, but it still ain't nothing original.
The quality is what's without the "Glam" or the "Glee."
What you start with, is what you end with.
Dust to Dust. Ashes to Ashes.

You know what flavor of Ice Cream this is? 
If it had a flavor, it would be called "Whack."

Snakes on a Tank.
But then I thought, Prism tanks ain't so strange. People used to roll them all the time. And all of a sudden I had a muppet flashback (if you know what I mean) and thought, fuck today's inspirational "artists." All their shit is corn beef hash that's been sittin on the stove for a week! Lady Gaga's nothin' but a pubescent white (caucasian) nubular (down between the leggies) Grace Jones (and I liked Grace Jones, she should have kicked the turds outta Roger Moore). Chris Angel (Don't get me started on that salon patron) ain't nothing but a modern day Doug Hennin. 

The following pictures are of Doug Hennin (you don't have to forgive him, after all, he was a Canadian.)
 Click on his fingers if you want a surprise!
 You levitate the nicest people on a Honda ...
 If I ever get my teeth knocked out, I'm replacing them with these.
I think my Prism tank should have a Doug Hennin mural on it (since David Mann's been done already).
RIP Doug. You're eating Nuts and Berries on top of Rainbows now...

What do you think?

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