Thursday, January 19, 2012

Digging through the old photos and the Scream of Angel's

 ... as if old is a relative term I can apply to anything that happened at any point in the past. So I was cleaning up a mess of files and thought I'd share some pics I probably never did anything with back in 2010 from the Born Free 2 show in Signal Hill, CA.
For some reason, I feel in rare form today. Good thing I'm not a steak.
Let's see how many people pinch this one (above). It kicks ass, I'd take it. I did, with a camera!

 Quick interlude;
You know how you go to all these "motorcycle" shows (events, parties, whatever's and who care's? right) well, you know how you see a shit load of photographers but you never see their photographs anywhere? 
... and then there's the opposite; there's the mother shit load of blogs out there and the they'er run by guys who don't take photos? (Yes, I know. They pinch them.) If there was just some way I could put my chocolate in your peanut butter this world would be a better place! Praise the Genius who mixed Mayoneese and Catsup and discovered 1000 Island Dressing right! I know!
Here's how that went;
"Hey Ma... Hey Ma... There's only a little bit of Catsup left and a little bit of Mayoneese left, what should I do?"
"I don't give a shit Henry... I'm divorcing you."
(muted voice) "... I'll show you woman."

Digital cameras, good ones, are like $100 bucks or less on sale. I don't need to plug retail stores here, do your homework. If you've got even the slightest urge to put your reputation on the line. And, by line, I mean, hang yourself out to dry. Buy a camera. Put camera in pants pocket. Go take pictures. Go home and blog. You'll instantly be in the top 10-20% of all Blog Superhero's (and I don't mean sandwhiches).
I know, it's hard not to think about the Chocolate in the Peanut Butter hu? 
Tell me more.
Have I ever told you how my pet rabbit invented Reese's Pieces?

 When Angel's get excited do you think they scream out "Ho Chi Min!"

 Then I come across this photo (below) over on COC (take note: the bone has been linked) and think damn, if that isn't the same pic at a slightly different angle as the one I took. I must have been standing next to the cat.


KustomJeff said...

It's fun to do a blog with your own content ain't it? I can't imagine doing it with "borrowed" pics all the time. I agree with you, get a camera, take some pics and show them to everyone!

Chris/Blue Collar Moto said...

Hahaha, all you guys were standing there in front of the stage getting ready to take pix just feet apart from one another. I on the other hand would not relinquish the beer it took me a half hour to obtain and took a shot of the winner from the security beer police check point. I was surprised as all hell to see that Mike D had borrowed it on the Born Free blog. Moral of the story. Don't ever surrender your beer and get a total dif pic from everyone else.