Sunday, January 29, 2012

GNRS ~ random parking lot Sportster

 January 28th 2012

There was about 25 (give or take) bikes parked in Lot 9 for the Grand National Roadsters Show when I got there. I'd post some pictures of the other bikes there, but aside from the fact that they "rode" in, there wasn't much to show unless you like stockers and accessorized stockers, take your pick. Inside the show wasn't much different, about half the bikes were Denver's, the other half had a sprinkling of coolness and some outright deserved the sledge hammer (Anarchy Burger, hold the PC). I'll give you this; if magazines like Ol' Skool Rodz, Car Kulture Delux, and Street Roder give your mailman a crooked spine, then this IS the show for you. I'm pretty much anti- magazine these days, and car stuff has gone just over the Psycho Billy top for me. You think you got a black tee shirt problem at biker events, go to one of these shows. It really goes by age too; young with hair - wear black shirt, blue cuffed jeans, black boots, and grease your hair. Old and grey/no hair - white shirt tucked in to help hernia, denim shorts, brown slip ons or comfortable walking tennis shoes. Add, beer in hand. Stand in the middle of aisle and talk, ignore any traffic congestion you're causing because "you're old" damnit!
This kinda stuff.


Johnny Wolf said...

I guess I'm doing it wrong. I'm old, but fit your young description...??? Damn it, off to Wall Mart before I hit the show.

Lady Hump said...

You didn't expect me to take the show seriously did you? Beside you ain't old, don't go rocking no hernia outfit without the "shrivel" to back it up!

Johnny Wolf said...

Hell no man, I agree 100% with what you said! I've been rockin' that look for a long time (damn, now I sound like a Hipster). I go to that show because I was brought up with the love of rods and shows. I hate sifting through all the b.s. to see the cars, but it is what it is. You forgot to mention 8 dollar beers and 14 dollar hot dogs too. Oh, and I bet I'm older than you.