Friday, January 27, 2012

Grand Nationals are this weekend? Hu?

Must have not really made that much of an impression on me last year for me to forget about putting this on the Events listing this year, plus there's been like zero discussion about it in local circles (jerks). Paul Michael Glaser will be in attendance. Let's face it, he's no Sons of Anarchy cast member... ha ha ha, but that was last month's Abortionfest (and when I say Abortionfest, I mean the Easyrider show. Make no mistake about it. That show sucked.) So, is anyone hitting this one or are we going to let the phyco billy's own the dance floor? $20 adults. $10 kids. $10 more for parking probably... If nothing else I can post pictures from last year and maybe no one will notice the difference? Jus' sayin. Still think'n about going.
btw, this years theme is "futuristic" and that might be kinda cool...
I said "might"

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