Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hot Bike Japan in Los Angeles, where to find it?

 Ok, so the Occupy crowd had totally killed the economic lively hood of small business around City Hall in Downtwon Los Angeles, much like they killed the lawn. Pee will do that. So I was forced to spend the day Downtown, so I decided to make it the opportunity to pick up  some I {heart} Sportster magazines or Hardcor Chopper's from Japan...
 Turns out, that within a stones throw from City Hall is Little Tokyo. I know there's a small bookstore there that sells imported magazines from (guess where?) Japan.
 If you're interested, and there's a lot of requests of the "Where can I buy..." kind on the local forums and what not, slightly south south/east from City Hall is where you'll find this little bookstore, like one block away inside a two level shopping center.
 Kinokuniya Bookstore in Little Tokyo
located at 123 Astranaut E. S. Onizuka St. #205
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 68704480
They also have locations in New York, Palisades Center, NY, San Franscisco, Seattle, Portland, San Jose, and Costa Mesa. So if you really just gotta have some Japaneese Biker magazines, here's a source.
 They had a couple of the regular mags today, but let me forwarn you, this stuff aint cheap.
The only magazine (and yes, I've publically stated before how against todays magazines I am...) I picked up was the Hot Bike Japan.
And, now hold you nose, cause if you're drinking soda or something more malty, it's about to come up when you read this: it cost me $32 and change! Wow.
Does the American dollar suck o' what? Thank you Obama.

HOT BIKE JAPAN, The Magazine for Human Beings Who RIde Harley Davidson.
January 2012, Volume 123.
Comes shrink wrapped for your protection I harken'?
Still, I'd rather have one issue of Hot Bike Japan in a language I can't even read, with Scrotum on the cover, than a years subscription to a maganzine that gives me a headache to even read every month delivered.

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