Monday, January 30, 2012

I'd like to tell you about my BUY USED theology (again...)

$13,500.00 Holy Spandex Batman!!!

Why spend an arm and a leg. And in some cases, ridiculously more... ? Using the most modern computers (pong) available to the researchers at the Lady Hump Institute of Technology, we've come to the scientifically proven Star Trek tested result; that USED Sportsters are the single most affordable bike on the market based on a spread wide variety of Hipster Tendencies (they're too mainstream of a bike) and (* The Stripper Pole) Stripping Possibilities (you can literally, remove as many unnecessary parts as you'd like and the bike will continue to rip it up).

* A Stripper Pole is the base line example of perfect minimalism. What you do on it, is another matter altogether. 


Anonymous said...

Well this is appropriate as I am considering my first HD. On your theme of Sportsters what is your view on a particular year/value to be looking for?

Lady Hump said...

If it were me, non injection, non rubber mounted evo sporty between 86 and 03. Everything you'd need if you want to start chopping a solid power plant. If you're into rebuilding engines maybe a iron head. But the evo you can find on Clist for easy $3k. Don't fall for the $5k in accessories shit either, tell them to take off the accessories and keep um!

Anonymous said...

Excellent. Thanks for the advice!
Love the site, I check you everyday.
Keep up the great work.