Monday, January 23, 2012

It's My time of the Month, and this Swap Meet is my Rag ....

Let's talk about the Long Beach Cycle Swap (again)
Some of the bikes (some) are pretty cool that people ride in to hang out, shoot the shit, talk to friends, etc. etc. How many are cool? Well, we'll get to that later. First let's talk about the continual watering-down of this Swap Meet (and yes, you can always fall back on the "well, at least you have a swap meet..." I know I know. Save it for someone who cares.)

We spent the day conducting a survey of all Vendors at the Long Beach Cycle Swap. A few of my bro's said I was stupid to waste my time and I reminded them that I waste a lot more time actually publishing the Lady Hump Blog anyway, so if you're good at something... really good at something... and you have a passion for it... then go ahead and do it.
It's not like your gonna hurt anyones feelings by telling them the truth?

If you look you'll find some neat stuff, custom fab, and inspired genius. But you have to look hard.
... harder.

... Really really harder.

Let's get back to "what's cool." What's cool is one mans opinion v. anothers. You might actually like to spend $35K on a stock top of the line Harley Davidson with monthly payments until your little juvenile delinquits have little juvenile delinquint bundles of joy of their own? 

So I'm down for "Naming and Claiming" that by all measures of worth, SPORSTERS are the coolest bike on the face of the Planet, in the known Universe, and in all other Realms and/or Dimensions, including both Heaven and Hell. Word mofo! Spill a 40 for the Quad! 

There's a lot of bikes there. Most are Mayan MC type bikes with Fat Ape Hangers, but the selection is varied and wide ... wait for it ... "much like the tires on the bikes!"

 There's cool shit to see. Less cool shit to buy. Non-cool shit you have to try NOT to look at and it's hard as hell to take pictures of cool stuff that don't by default have other shit in the background.
I think in this post alone, I've used the word "shit" more than at any time over the course of the entire Lady Hump Blog history. But, we are talking about the Long Beach Cycle Swap after all ... and it's not like you haven't read this here before a couple dozen times.


Mikhail the Asshole said...

Ugh, why is everyone putting dirtbike tires on the front of their "choppers"? Did the Douche LaRouche bags or the Sinners build some mega popular bike that I'm missing?

WoMpY said...

Great survey and write up. In this post house-market-crash world, everyone's trying to make a buck any way they can, that includes topping events allowing any crap merchant that pays the vendor fee, free reign of our once beloved moto swap. I did pick up a few neat bits BTW.

Chris/Blue Collar Moto said...

Found that kicker WoMpY. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
Shit, it cost me $10 to get in and $10 for the one part I did find. Was to depressed about the turn out and selection this month to even bother bringing out my camera. No pix from me this time.

helena said...
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