Thursday, January 12, 2012

A little local history from Point Fermin / White Point

 (I said a "little" history, so take it for what it's worth) Most people have heard about and/or visited Walker's Cafe at Point Fermin in San Pedro. Located adjacent to the Point Fermin Light House (now a museum). A local favorite "hit" spot for bikers cruising for a beer while rounding the Palos Verdes Peninsula.
 A wee bit ago, there was a land slide along the coast about 1 mile from Point Fermin nearing White Point. Right where the road is now fenced off is the entrance to a pretty cool natural preserve. You might want to take a walk through if you're a Los Angeles history buff or just like seeing some ol' World War II installations.
(missing road)
 You can't really see much of anything from the ground, but take 10 minutes and walk over the hill, and you'll find yourself amongst some pretty cool historical areas.
 Above White Point is Battery Paul D. Bunker(s) with, during WWII, housed 2 16 inch guns which defended the Port of Los Angeles. The guns are gone now but the structures are part of an open to the public nature preserve type area you can roam through (free).

(inside one of the tunnels)
 What's still inside these welded door installations? Funny you might ask. There's tunnels. Lot's of tunnels. You can't get into them easilly any longer, but when I was a kid, before this place was "transformed" into a park in 1999, this was one of my playgrounds. We'd explore tunnels between battery embankments and tunnels that (at least then) all led to dead ends. All I can pretty much remember is flashlights going dead while in the deepest parts of the tunnels, coming out covered in dust, and wet dank smell of dookie from homeless peoples I presume. 

Then in someones back alley I spotted a miniature of the Vincent St. Thomas bridge, so I snapped a pic of that too...

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