Saturday, January 7, 2012

Long Beach Cycle Swap ~ The Magic Bitch Moth Blows Chunks of Truth

I ate a lot of food and leaves and all kind of brownies and stuff and crawled way up high on a branch. I spun a web around myself like a sleeping bag and fell asleep in a warm cocoon. When I woke up, I was thirsty, all you offerend me was a PBR, and I found I had turned into the...
and wouldn't you know it, this is BITCH MONTH as well!!!!
 Well, if you haven't seen the NEW toppings site (which is where I stole these 3 pics from. Why not show what you really allow people to sell there? Cause what they're selling is Non-Cycle Shit!) for the Swaps this year, here it is; TOPPINGS EVERNTS SO CALCYCLE SWAP MEET. Yet, I still find it incredibly lame that they'll let Non-Cycle Vendors in this alledged "cycle swap meet." The best monthly swap and the absolute worst monthly swap all wrapped up together.
 Not that I'd ever expect anything to get better, but for the "well, why don't you say something productive about it" crowd.
a.) Drop the fucking $10 entrance fee. It's not a motorcycle show or even "event" so why are you charging as if it is? $2 would be reasonable. $10 says, "We know we can rape you and not worry about it." which brings me to what you should be worried about in my next point.
b.) Crack down on the bullshit vendors that sell absolute Non-motorcycle and Non-Cycle related shit. You have rules posted for a reason, yet, I don't know what that reason is? Since it's obvious, you'll let anyone and everyone break them. Janitorial supplies? Bedding and Comforters? Used Toys, McDonalds  Beanie Babies? Sporting Goods Used Equipment? Garden Stone Art? Cooking and Kitchen Aids? Serioulsy, not a damn thing to do with motos or cycles. If I wanted any of this shit I'd go to Target (and it'd be a hella lot better quality there than the faded boxed crap vendors here are selling!).
I'm just flogging the dead horse here... So will we continue to "attend" this non-event waste of time? Probably not as much as we have for the last year. Maybe for the photographer in me, but maybe a whole lot less.
You've just been Bitten!... yes you have.

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