Friday, January 6, 2012

No 2-Upping in Honduras

The National Congress of Honduras has issued a temporary ban on two-up riding because of safety concerns – but not for the ones you’d expect.
The Honduran government isn’t worried about passengers falling off of motorcycles or increased liability in the event of crashes. No, the primary concern behind the new legislation is to put a stop to drive-by shootings on motorcycles.
Hondurans has seen two high-profile murders in the last week...

Because of their maneuverability, motorcycles have become popular vehicles for Honduran criminals. Motorcycle drive-bys account for about 90% of all recent murders.
Representatives unanimously agreed to outlaw having more than one person on a motorcycle for six months in urban areas, despite knowing the ruling would be unpopular. Honduran police and armed forces will be allowed to stop any motorcycles carrying more than one person.

Well that sucks. But, what are you going to do in a place where shit like this happens? I wonder if they'll still let tourists travel through the country two-upped on a motorcycle? Would love to see some Sportster pics out of Honduras if you are a rider from there. Are you packing heat on the back seat?

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