Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Psycledelic Tendencies 2 (pt.2) So Satisfactual ~

 Another Denver's Survivor! So sweet ...
Lighting on the street, good. Lighting in the parking lot, bad.

More pictures from the parking lot (and sidewalk, bike overflow) of the Jan 14th, 2012 Psycledelic Tendencies show at Victory Electric Tattoo.  So how fun was it?

Rapptasticaly Taboo fun!
See that guy sitting in the #2 seat? That's how fun it was. And, I think they exported this particular ride to Japan Disneyland, but I hear tell the "flash" shots ain't what they used to be. Everyone looks like a little boy. jus' sayin.

I may even get to some of the show art photos I took in a couple days, but it's really the bikes I show up for ... the art, it's usually outta my range even tho it's pretty rad stuff. Make a house payment, buy a framed one off. Pretty easy to choose when you're a working stiff and not sucking the silver tit.

Still one can dream. I wonder what the milk of a Silver Tit tastes like? Sounds more exotic if I call it the Velvet Tit. Must be all whipped cream and butterscotch nectar. I don't know?
"It tastes like Oil."
"No. Crude."
... Yucky. But still, I'm down.

Psst, you wanna know what a Silver Tit tastes like?
Go ahead... try some

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