Sunday, January 15, 2012

Psycledelic Tendencies 2

Some random pics from the Psycledelic Tendencies 2 party at Victory Electric Tattoo in Studio City. January 14th, 2012.
Another "at capacity" party, even had some kung fu mouth action going on with arguing over parking spaces with some upset neighboring businesses. More pics in the upcoming days. Dan Collin's, his wife Tiffany, and everyone else who put this shin'dig on did a great job. Twice the fun of last year! Special thanks for bucking' the norm and serving Tecate and Coors (... read; not serving PBR hipster piss! wha? Yeah, it's true. HIPSTER P-I-S-S m ~ kay?)
And if Canon would ever release the S100, which I'm starting to think will never come out ... I might be able to take some better night (low light) shots!

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