Friday, January 27, 2012

So Far, The Challenge has only 5 Blogs Entered ...

Ok, it's less than a week (5 days) until we start the February Blogoshphere Challenge and we've got the first 5 entrants (shown below). There's still time to join the Challenge instead of just right click shoplifting PBR fools and their sisters tittys and some Shy Girl's unicorn art collection...

READ THE OFFICIAL RULES HERE. Join Up. This is your chance to avoid re-posting the same pictures that everyone's already seen three hundred times over the course of surfing "new" blogs. This might be a life changing momment in your otherwise stolen and sedated life. You actually have to turn the camera on and take the pictures yourself (and yeah, you can use old pictures you took too... as long as you're not reposting previously posted stuff. Simple.)

who promise to "bust out the Jergens..." for what it's worth? We'll see if they hold up their end of the bargain, aye?

Join up on the OFFICIAL RULES post or send me your blog link here

Send a logo pic too if you can. On Feb. 1st, I'll post a "Starter Post" with a link to everyone who's joined.

... make that six entries ...
Oily Side Down

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