Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sportster at the So Cal VAN Slow Ride

 Whoa on the Whoas! Who would have expected a Oh So Rad, Ironhead to show up at a Van's Slow Ride? Dont know. One Did. This Is It. Enjoy the pictures!
P.S., Van's make good back drops for shooting a bike. Better than you're mothers wood panel P.T. Cruiser parked at the grocery or the laundry. Other than that, I'm so so on Vans. It's a love hate relationship I guess. One, I hate them. Two, I need one once in a while to bring my broken ass bike home in from wherever I ended up stranded... so I'll give it up and throw my towl into the Van Pool of Internet Rub Jobs and "Praise the Box!"
"I didn't even think this was a Sportster blog any more..."
"Yeah. You were right. It's thee-e-e greatest Sportster blog in the world, cause I say so! Bam!"
"Are you on drugs?"
"Are you?"
 Bubble tail-light. I'm envious.
I know Blue Collar Moto is like the go-between Pope of Bikes holding hands with Van's and he's putting on some May Day Shoot n' Toot out in the sticks. Check this LINK FOR MORE INFO.
So, if you gots a Van, a Sportster, or any other less worthy motorcycle, this is the place to be for the Cinco De' Mayonayse Party on May 5th (or as he calls it...)
I guess you bring guns too.

One a related note: It pleases me to little end if you steal (right click) my photos! That's fine by me. Yeah Bro, It's Cool. Go for it! But throw me a fooking bone would you and throw me up a LINK along with it hu? Not to hard to handle is it? After all, you're not some fat dude trying to find his dick in the men's room are you? I'll tell you, it's between your legs. My Grandfather was the 20th of 20 kids in his family, not really the place you'd want to be when it's meal time right? And during the Depression no less. But guess what, even when there was only 1 chicken on the table for dinner, he'd still get a piece. It was always the "neck" but at least they threw him a bone... that's all I'm saying junkies. Pass the bag.

Some foo said I should just watermark my photos. I said, whatever. People just cut them off or chop them down. If I put them dead center on the photo, then it would ruin an otherwise semi-amuature spread. So no, I'd rather share the love and link up (all social media guru style) with other bloggers who dig on the tooth chipper two wheeled snatch bandits known as Sportsters!


Terry Whitehurst said...

I steal just for the thrill!

Lady Hump said...

I tried that but burned my hands on the sizzlin' asada at the local taco hole! (know what I mean?)

Terry Whitehurst said...

Oh Al'
You know:

Im a Big Pirate and I like to steal
Im a Big Pirate and I like to kill
Shes a Barbie doll and shes got brains
Yes lots of Brains and she likes Sex
Ha ha ha haaa ha ha ha haaa

Chris/Blue Collar Moto said...

Curious what you think the # of blogs are now % wise that are composed almost 100% of stealing pix? I mean, everyone has a blogger account now, but not everyone takes pix.

Haha, and for the record, the pic I stole from you of me in front of the Ironhead I did give a link.

We live in a copy and paste society where most seem to be happy sitting there stretching taint with thumb while others go and do the work. If ya call them on it then the tears and complaints start showing up.