Tuesday, January 3, 2012

That's so 80's

Inspired by the likes of Emilio Esteves from Young Guns and Hesser Bands (Ratt) from Hollywood, 1986 provided their very own proto-hipster. The Dog Patch Wino jacket, the tight cowboy jean, the pointy toed soft swede rocker boot. The bandana made famous by a circle jerk cartoon character. The mullet. The Ray Bans. The cloudy "don't worry, be happy" sky backdrop curtian. I'll bet if this photo was 3-D, you'd be able to see a small red Rolling Stones "tounge" patch right where his tramp stamp is. Now let's go flock my seagull, I'm getting misty.


Anonymous said...

Ratt is from san diego.

Lady Hump said...

Opps... I never got into Hesher bands too much in High School. Pretty much LA or OC punk is all I knew. I'll do better research in the future. My word is my bond.

spuddley said...

Gosh, this makes me wanna get out my 33 RPM vinyl picture disc of Humanue League's "Dare" and play "Don't You Want Me". Yeah, I bought it new . . . . i do seem to remember trying to impress the pants offa girl with that purchase. SPORTSTERS RULE ! !