Saturday, February 11, 2012

Are you suffering from Un-original Internet Withdrawl Symptoms? You must have Bland'itus Content Syndrome

The February Blogosphere Challenge
This month is dedicated to original content only. We're terribly sorry if you're unable to accept a Blog-Wold Order that doesn't involve recycled images and repetitive content. In the span of the last ten days, and continuting for the rest of the month, this blog and the 11 posted on the (immediate to your right) sidebar will post only original content. Lady Twerk, Molly Soda, That guy riding the yellow motorcycle with the insanely high ape hangers, duck lips, cosplay, zombie porn ("Ugh, dick fall off again... me no have fun now"), Lindsay Lohan's yellow nicotine stained cocain teeth, that pink plastic mouth/lips asians are sticking in their oral cavity (whatever the hell that is?), that double back ass crack skin donor on the back of the rice rocket, all of it can wait. It can wait on Motor Trucking Infinity. We've lost members and we've gained traffic which seems like a double-negative, but were sticking to our guns and forcing this union of Original Love. So take a bite, and let the sweet nectar of originality consume you...

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